Looking For a Job That Pays Well

Hi everyone!
I visited Malaysia 4x now and I am always amazed by the industrial planning and the varieties of food.
I am planning to move to Malaysia next year.  I am just worried I won't find a job that pays well.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science Major in International Relations. I have worked as a Legal Assistant for half a year and as a Technical Support Associate for 2 years. I can easily adapt and learn in a new environment.  Any company you can recommend, where I can apply? Also, are there many opportunities for people like me who have that degree and experience? Please help me!

My take on this is that you will find it quite difficult to find a job in Malaysia. But you could post your details in the jobs section at the top of the page.

Personally I don't think a BA in political science is going to help you in Malaysia. Also experience as a legal assistant probably won't help either. Law firms do employ runners to deliver and pick up documents around the city but unless you have qualifications and experience in Malaysian law then I doubt your experience is going to be useful. As for technical support associate, I cannot comment but perhaps that is your best bet.

As for asking for companies here and where to apply for jobs, post yourself in the jobs section here and apply for jobs using the normal channels as other people do.

Sorry if I sound pessimistic about all this.

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