Anyone who knows jiu-jitsu? Just want to continue my jiu-jitsu career while working. Just started practicing 4 months ago And still want to continue , anyone out there? Feel free to contact me. Thanks.

Hello Jaiho2019,

Try your luck by posting a free advert in this part of the website: Sports classes in Dammam

All the best,


Hi! I tried making an adv. Last night but it was not approved. Now I'm trying to make another one. Thanks for the responds. 😉

Hi there, nice to see you here, I am also from Hofuf and looking same, if you find some click me to get together, if you still want my help to roam around to find some adventure feel free to contact me here or inbox, most welcome. any time

Hi soon im going to work in yanbu im interrest
Im purple belt
Let get Touch
Added me at whatup ***

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Hello Marcoexpatfree and welcome to :)

We had to slightly edit your post because we do not accept personal information on the forum.

If you wish to practice Jiu Jitsu with a partner in Dammam, you can directly message Jaihio2019 or Obi Shah ;)

We wish you good luck in your expatriation and don't hesitate to post your questions on the forum ! :)

Have a great day !


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