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Hello everyone how are you?  I want to know some question. Please help me to know this.
1. As i am permanent resident of Brazil, am i right to bring my family members such as brothers and sister?
2. Can i bring my step brother here in Brazil( father is same mother two )   
3. What documents should i send them to apply for visa in my home country's embassy? 
4. Do i need bank statement with more money in Brazil?
5. Do i need house and job here in Brazil?       

Please help me to provide actual information about this issue. I will be waiting for your reply.

Hi, Maria,

As a permanent resident, you may be permitted to bring the following family members into Brazil under the family reunion rules:
-- your children and grandchildren
-- your parents and grandparents
-- your brothers and sisters under 18 years of age, or under 24 years of age, if you can prove that they are fulltime students;
-- adult brothers and sisters, if you can prove that they are financially dependent on you. 

The requirements appear here:
http://www.pf.gov.br/servicos-pf/imigra … 20familiar

The document requirements appear here:

http://www.pf.gov.br/servicos-pf/imigra … o-familiar

Bangladesh does not appear to be a party to the Apostille Convention.  Unless it has joined recently, all Bangladeshi documents will have to be legalized for use in Brazil at the Brazilian Embassy in Dhaka.  They will then have to be translated into Portuguese by a Sworn Translator in Brazil.

Thanks abthree for reply. How can i prove that my brother is dependent on me ?

At the very least, the Brazilian Consulate and the Federal Police will probably want to see:

1. Documentary evidence that you're supporting your brother now, in the form of regular, ongoing funds transfers from you to him;

2. Medical evidence that he's disabled, is unable to work, and so will not be trying to get a job in Brazil.

They may well require additional proof, as well.  This is not the way to go, if there's even a suggestion that you're trying to circumvent the law.

I understood. But if i want to Bring my parents then what documents do i need to send them??

Your parents will need the documents listed in the link in my first message, for the Federal Police.   You should also check the  "Visa" section of the website of the Embassy of Brazil in Dhaka for their requirements for a VITEM XI visa for Family Reunion.

Thanks friend

abthree has outlined it well.
As to needing a house, no. They will need to all fill out the application's and use your address you used for your CRNM (or if moved the address you have given the PF). If renting, be sure owner approves.
Normally the PF does not make a home visit, but in a case of reunion of more than one person they might.

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