Does Indian Expat require visa to visit East Malaysia

Hi friends,
Would like to have your assistance on clearing my doubt about visa requirements to visit East Malaysia.
I am work permit holder on Indian passport, working in West Malaysia. I am planning to visit East Malaysia but not sure if I will require seperate visa or I can travel on my current passport and work visa.
My dependent pass (wife) says 'permitted to enter and remain in West Malaysia'


Last year I travelled to East Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu) on my Indian passport and with Malaysian employment pass ( permission to work and stay in West Malaysia). No separate visa was required, but I had to necessarily carry my passport which was stamped there at the kinabalu airport.

I used to have MM2H but had to bring my passport to visit Kotakinabalu too. So as per the above post, I would guess that you will have no problems as long as you bring along your passport and any supporting documentation.

Thanks Gaurav

Thanks Shill

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