Winter in Shanghai

Today is the coldest day since Shanghai entered the winter. Fortunately, it is a sunny day. :)

The winter in Shanghai is wet and cold. It is rare to snow.

Every winter comes, there are a few patters of light rain.

The yellow leaves on the tree seem to fall very fast.

It seems that the sky is green, yellow, green and yellow a few days ago. Suddenly the cold wind hits.
After a few light rains, and the chill of the wind, then I saw only the branches of the light off the sky.
Everything became so quiet and bleak.

The morning sun is shrinking, only the turbulent flow of the city tells us how energetic it is.
Here you will never have the feeling of "one leaf falling, and the world knowing autumn".
Crowded, flashy, blindly filled with every busy person.

Perhaps in this season, walking in the Shanghai Shili Ocean, there will be a different flavor.
The vicissitudes of life, the golden age.

How many celebrities have been on the beach.
Perhaps meditation on the years of gold, inadvertently, rain alley, a strange woman, wearing a light cheongsam,

Walking in Shikumen, the old neighborhood of Shanghai, holding a paper umbrella and walking gently.

Occasionally, I smiled and smiled...
The winter in Shanghai may be rustling, perhaps heavy, perhaps flashy, but it also has its unique charm.

Very nice article, I like it.
Today is also the coldest day in shanghai, take care.

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