1 year visit visa exit according to new visit visa policy of KSA

Hi everyone ... I need to know when visitor must exit before visa extension if he's on 1 year visit visa? After 3 months or after 6 months of stay in the kingdom? If anyone has information about this kindly tell me..

Not confirmed yet.  We are waiting to see.  Rumors suggest that the 6 month extension is no longer available and you have to exit after 3 months.

Let me know Sir if you get any information about that..



Thanks for your prompt reply to everyone which is very reliable and helping for everyone.
I am also looking for the information.

I just brought my family on Multiple entry, one year validity family visit visa. today i have heard that no extension will be given anymore. it mean we have to send them in 90 days only.

Will you please confirm if we can take one extension on 90-day stay?

Read what I said just a day before.  As far as the rumors go, you can't get an extension beyond 90 days anymore.   Try your luck and update us with the outcome.

Thanks a lot!

Any update on this?

It's only been 4 days since you last posted :).

None so far.   And I don't expect there to be until people post back about their experiences.

Hello, I am here in sudia arabia on 2 year commercial visit visa. I need to exit before every 3 month of last arrival in kingdom. This time i am late by 4 days.
Can anyone suggest any process and will they cancel rest of my visa and put a ban on me.


No process.  Just go to Jawazat.  Hopefully after 4 days there will only be a fine.  But you never know.

The general rule for the extension is one-time person visa and usually, it should be accordingly to the duration of stay, meaning if your duration of stay on the visa 1 one month, then you can extend one more month and if the 3 months then you can extend it for three months

Don't forget to make the visitor health insurance first, without it the system will reject the extension

I'm asking about the exit, i have to exit after 3 months or 6 months in 1 year multiple re entry visa?

i recently extended my 1 year multiple entry visa. extended for 3 months.

Hi sir! How to apply the insurance? My mother already here in saudi last nov 8 2019. Thanks

Google 'alrajhi visit visa insurance' . You select visit visa insurance option, fill required information, pay SR 30 online and you can take the policy

I paid the insurance in the philippines, arrival here last nov 8, 2019 so it still need to pay here? It is mandatory to pay even i paid it in the philippines? Thanks

I applied for my family Multiple Entry VISIT VISA.
Do i need any Exit Re-Entry formality before leaving the kingdom for them? Or not required? Just leave the Kingdom.
My second question is.. Can they come again on the same day and Enter the Kingdom?
e.g they go by Air to Behrain or Dubai and get return on the same day. Is it possible?

Exit from kingdom after 6 months?

you have to exit after six months after 3 months you can renew one time and for next renewal you must take exit

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