Childrens healthcare availability and quality


We are considering taking an expat assignment in Bangkok.  We have small children and one of them gets sick at least one every few months with ear infections or a chest infection.  She has poor drainage.

In the US we have an amazing pediatrician and her health is well cared for.

Are there available high quality pediatricians in Bangkok?  How east is it to get real asthma medication like albuteral sulfate (for a nebulizer), Advair and inhalors?

Quality hospitals are widely available in Bangkok. They are often equipped with complete medical facilities. Most can communicate fluently in English too. I suggest that you go to a hospital such as Samitivej to ensure that your children will be taken care of and communication won't be a problem. Asthma meds and inhalers are available too. I suggest you go to Watsons or Boots for meds. Best of luck.

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