moving to maroc suggestions

Advice please. Im thinking of moving to Maroc and would like to move to a city which has a good size expat population??? Also, need advice about accommodation etc?? any suggestion :-)
shabana xx

Hi Shabana,

Welcome to :)

I would first of all advise you to go through the Morocco expat guide, you will find a lot of information about expatriation to Morocco.

Why would you like to settle there? Maybe you can tell us more about your interest for this country?  :happy:


Priscilla team

My advice, Dont ! unless you have planned out something very meticulously. Morocco has many surprises. It is an absolute gem for visiting but living, nope.

It dependt on where you want to live. I moved from norway to rabat 2 years ago. I feel like rabat is verry europeen than most of the other cities. The life is much cheaper in morocco, but if u are planning to work i would suggest to find a work before and to Get all your papers ready before you come here. If you have anymore questions please Ask :)

Hello welcone to morocco expat , i think marrakech and agadir and tangier and rabat and essaouira are good places for foreign people and there is a lot of expat to help you . I live in tangier its in north if you visit it i will be happy to help show you the city

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