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I'm interested in relocation to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I've done some research on IT salaries in KL and I'm not able to identify real IT ranges in Malaysia. For example, the 2019 salary benchmark from Michael Page Malaysia shows the average of 100-120k MYR per year. At the same time, some other researches as well as some Glassdoor reviews show the same 100-120k range but in USD which is a big difference. My desired positions are Senior Data Engineer or Data Architect. Could you please advise on a real range in Kuala Lumpur for my desired positions or for Senior Software Engineer? Many thanks for your help.

If such a salary was in USD, I mean 100 - 120k per year, that would be a really excellent salary but I wonder what kind of company would pay so high for a Senior Data Engineer. I lived in Malaysia for many years and my bank branch manager was earning about MYR15k per month, that was a few years ago. She was local. But for a westerner, I find a salary of around MYR8k - 10k per month too little to make it worth it.

Malaysia is a bad place for IT jobs. Exploitation is rife. AirAsia for example really abuses it staff.

5 to 7k a month (down from 15 to 25k 15 years ago) seems normal these days. However staff turnover is high as pay is low paradoxically and quality is poor. "Pay cheap, get cheap" is Malaysian business philosophy!

I think an estimate of RM100-120k per year for an experienced hire, depending on your qualifications and experience. You can have a look at for openings. They usually give an indication of the range of salaries.

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