Naturalização denied.. What now?

Hi aguys,

Hope I can get some good advice..  Couple of months ago, I received notice that my naturalization request was denied based on the grounds that I didn’t know Portuguese, even though I am conversational.

At the time of submitting my original request, I was given a sheet of paper describing the length of time that the whole process would take to complete (I think it was approximately 6 months in total).

I submitted all the required documentation in 2017 before there was a change in law stipulating that you had to present the CELPE-Bras certificate.

The time of this process took way longer than their estimated 6 month and was more like nearly 3 years.  During this time there was no movement and only in the last 3 or so months I was asked to produce the CELPE-Bras certificate or some other options (like BR university degree etc).  Now, I know that to sit the test takes some study time as well as the fact that it is only held twice a year.  So this needed to be planned in advance.

They denied my request due to not being able to present this certificate.

I appealed stating something along the lines of (1) based on the time taken for the process and the fact that (2) I entered my process before the major law change, even though there has been a number of additional legal amendments/requirements made during the term that I was not made aware or informed of.  (3)  I would have to mark the date for the next exam which would push the process out even further so that I could present the certificate, that (4) I should be approved based on the law standing at the time that I submitted my naturalization request.

Again, they denied my appeal just stating that I did not know Portuguese.

Me and my brazilian wife are trying to understand what this now means..  Is there anything that can be done now?  Or do I need to start the process all over again - That seems quite unfair.

Thank for any constructive advice!

Sorry to say but you´ve been denied, so you have to resubmit application plus the certificate on CELPE- Bras. They also require that aside from submitting criminal clearance on countries you´ve lived for the last 4 years, they also require your criminal
background from your country of origin. All documents must not be older than 90days...


Sorry about how it worked out for you.  They're absolute about CelpeBras, so you'll have to take it, unless you opt to remain a Permanent Resident for life, which is also a viable alternative.

CelpeBras is offered in May and October.   Your next opportunity to enroll will be in March 2020.  You can remain informed here: … celpe-bras

I took CelpeBras in May 2019.  90% of your test time is the all-essay written test, and your final grade is the LOWER of your written and oral tests.  So, while it's necessary to pass both ("Intermediate" or better), conversational Portuguese is not enough:  good written Portuguese is essential.

The website above has links to previous tests, and so does the site of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.  I recommend trying the old tests, timing yourself like the real test.  If you're not pleased with your essays, there time to take a prep course and still make the May test.

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