Do I need a CRNM?


My husband has a temporary work visa/temporary residency and I have a temporary family reunion visa. I have been issued my RNM card, but it expired a week after I received it. I am trying to get it renewed. I was under the impression that it would be valid for one year and could be renewed for an additional year. However, I am being told at the Federal Police that I must apply for residency. Based on my research I am not eligible for residency because my husband only has temporary residency. Is there a way to renew the RNM card or must I apply for residency and the CRNM?

Hi, Lindsay,

Your status follows your husband's, since you're here on a family reunion basis.  You'll need to apply for residency,  and the Federal Police will synchronize that with the time approved for your husband.  You should believe the Federal Police:  once you're here, they have the last word.

Thanks for the response. I imagine that I cannot travel until I receive a protocol for the CRNM, correct? I can not leave Brazil and re-enter with a tourist visa?

They do not "stack visas. So if you left you may loose what your have.
I would discuss with the PF about your options.
I could travel with protocol and you could also but do not stay more than 180 day ( including day departed and arrival). Tourist visa will limit day in country.

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