regarding S/E Pass compatibility for my profile

Hi All,

I recently received a job offer from top 3 insurance company with salary of 4400 for Technical Analyst Position. I have 3 plus years of experience in IT. I am currently in India. I have completed my bachelor degree in engineering from reputed and top 10 ranked Engineering College in India in Computer Science and Engineering.

I don't know if my employer has applied for S / E Pass.

What are the chances of getting an E Pass?

Is the salary offered too low for an EP ?

The S/E pass is applied by the company and not through third party agency.
The company is also very reputed in Singapore and is among the top 3 players in insurance domain.

The salary seems o.k. for your education and experience, compared to market standards.
Everything else cannot be evaluated by the limited information you gave.
But you'll need patience.
Good luck!

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