Interior Designer Wanting To Open Office In Morocco

Hello Everyone,

My Name is Momo and I am interested in opening my Interior Design company in Morocco.

I specialise in modern British design and I am confident that there is a market for it. I have a home in Agadir so I would like to open my office there. I was born in the UK but my parents are Moroccan.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thank you!

Your experience includes Projects specially hospitality, if yes there is a scope

I cannot offer any advice as I know nothing about launching a business in Agadir however, I have a home there which will need the service of an interior designer when the tennants leave in about 18 months.
Would be happy to be try your service so will keep an eye on this site for your progress
Good luck

Hello , i guess modern British interior design look a good idea lt of modern houses and villa look for modern design now so try to mix the british and morocco design or the modern design in general and start your business and do marketing to bring clients .
I live in tangier its in north any help i am here

This is a tv show about a company that turn moroccan house to modern house interiorly its called dar w dikor
Look how they work and done the design .

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