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Hi all - my hubs and I are looking in Italy in the Abruzzo area for our new place. You cannot beat the quality to price ratio happening there. We wonder though if any of you have info and recommendations about realtors - what to look out for, have as back up info, etc. I figure we'll need a bilingual property lawyer to make sure the whole thing is kosher and complete, but any info there would be appreciated too.!! Thx much!


every embassy always has a list of reference persons in the medical and legal fields. So contact them.


Abruzzo is a beautiful area and all you need is a comfortable home where enjoying sea, weather and nature!
There are many good realtors in Abruzzo. Depending on where you wish to buy your property, we might know someone in the area.
I guess that what you need at this early stage is just few information on how to start this process in the safest way.
Good luck!

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