Board Games Meet-up

Anyone interested in meet-ups for board games? If we manage to get a good number from the responses, we can set up a weekly meetup for games of scrabble, chess etc!

Now lets see what responses we get!!  :)

Good idea.

I love playing chess.

Great idea love to learn how to play chess

I can teach you , it's simple and fun

Good to see this is gaining some traction! Nice one Richard and Moo! Let's see if we can get more numbers.

Got no clue about chess but i can learn, can bring a friend too.

Hello Zee! Sure learners are allowed  :). Zee, Moo, Richard....let's star off with organizing the first game. Inbox me your phone numbers and I'd setup a whatsapp group where we can work out the and venue etc.

Good idea
I love playing estimation cards game

Nice....check your imbox for the board game group invite!

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