Dungeons and dragons in yiwu

Hey, I'm wanting to start a d&d campaign. I live in Yiwu china. Just a simple get together for fun fantasy rpg. I'm playing with the 4e rules, if you're new and want to try, or know it and love it, give me a shout.

Honestly, I'm surprised that anyone still plays D&D. It is an almost extinct pastime, here in Texas.  (People still game. It's just that the 'new generation' prefers 'Magic the Gathering'/cardgames.)
I'd be curious to hear more about your group, what you game, and how it turns out!
I'm an avid rpger, btw. Used to do it alot, back when it was the 'big thing' to do.
Wish you luck.
-Greg J.

Well, so far you are the only person To reply to this so I really don't have anything going. D&D is making a comeback due to the show stranger things. It has some of the characters playing it, and a lot of references to the old game and so people are getting into it again.

So, you do not yet have a player-group?
Sorry to hear that. I hope you find some players. I'd like to hear about what your sessions are like.  :-)
-Greg. J.

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