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I'm Glaucia, originally from Sao Paulo, and I'm going back to this city after more than 20 years in the USA.  My husband is originally from Scotland. We are looking for a good Int'l moving company. We would like to hear the moving experience from people that had moved from USA.

Hi, Glaucia,

I moved from Chicago to Manaus in 2017-2018.  Before that, I routed large industrial shipments to Brazil as a consultant.  I'm convinced from both my personal and professional experience that the single most important qualification for choosing a moving company to Brazil is prior successful experience with moves to Brazil. 

Long distance experience alone won't cut it; even international experience in general won't cut it.  Brazilian Customs regulations are detailed and complex, and must be followed to the letter, or fines, extra taxes, and storage charges accrue faster than you can imagine.  The company you choose has to load you right on the US end, and have a knowledgeable warm handoff to a partner on the Brazilian end for your move to work door-to-door with as few hangups as possible.  As the saying goes, "Brazil is not for beginners!", and you don't want amateurs learning the ropes on YOUR shipment.

Allied and North American are both owned by Sirva, an international company with a strong presence in Brazil and an excellent team in São Paulo; their local affiliates should definitely be among the companies you call for quotes.  Make sure that any special needs are addressed:  I was moving an art collection, so fine art packing was important to me, other things may be equally important to you.  A good local reputation is important, since these people will do your initial packing.  If your shipment is going to be in storage for a while before it goes to the port, you should inspect the warehouses of your finalists, to satisfy yourself that they're clean, dry, and in good condition.  But you should start by asking all of them, "Have you ever moved anyone to Brazil?"  If the answer is yes, listen carefully to the war stories -- they'll have them!  If it's any form of "no", I'd thank them politely and move on to the next candidate.

As for my move, I moved with a local Allied affiliate, who had a Fine Arts department.  Their service was excellent, and I was able to trace the ship carrying my shipment from the US port to the Port of Manaus.  The pickup by Sirva was flawless, they told me exactly the documents they needed and picked them up at my home.  The move was completed between 5 and 10% over estimate -- mostly because of a Customs work slowdown -- and total breakage was one cereal bowl and one teacup.  So I was very pleased!

Good luck!

Looked into : … to-brazil/
They just could not get to Houston and I would have to hire someone from Houston to Miami and with taxes, decided not to.
Believe they have Atlanta office
Did not want my tea cups broken.... :lol:

Texanbrazil :

Did not want my tea cups broken.... :lol:

Tough crowd!  :cool:

Abthree, thank you very much for your reply. I'm spending a lot of time researching about the subject and looking for real and dependable moving company's reviews.
I know that the "burocracia" in Brazil can be an issue. I  agree with you that the moving company must have experience in Brazil, and in my case,  in São Paulo. Your information was really helpful. :)

Thanks Texanbrasil. I'll look if they have a partner in Atlanta. 😊

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