Overstay 9 days, payed fine help with visa

I have entered Ucraina 11.07 and I needed to left the country maximum 8.10 , 9th of October I went to immigration service and payed the fine of 1870 grivnia and they gave me some paper work where is written that I payed fine and that I need to go from the country maximum till 18.10 and they put me a stamp in my passport where is written the maximum Overstay till 18.10.
I went out 17.10 from boryspil without any other problem and they told me you need to wait 90 days more to come back or make a visa if you want to come back immediately.
So my question is if somebody knows in what way I can make a visa, I try to find agency's in Italy but I didn't find them.
Thank you

If you paid the fine then you shouldn't be having any problem further. You can enter the next day. If you have any other doubt let me know.

Thank you for your replay.
The problem I have now as they told me is the 90 days/180 days rule, so they explained me to count days.
I need to add from my first entry 11.07 180 days and 8 the of January 2020 I will can enter Ucraina again.
That s why they told me if I want to come back immediately to make a visa, but I don't know based on what visa to make.

Hi. Look  on the Ukrainian embassy website for your country.
Under the visa section. . The options and requirements are listed there. And for most of us there isn't a big choice. But only you know your circumstances and reasons.
Anyway regarding the 90/180 day rule.  A point to take into account - since you over stayed is that those extra days WILL ALTER your legal return date.
As those extra days are in your out of Ukraine period and therefore have been used up.
Hope that helps you a little.
If you want  further information just ask

Thank you Ray.
So I need to add the days I overstayed to the 180 days?
In my case it s easy because I enter 11.07 and go out 17.10, so I overstayed 8-9 days so I need to add this too on my come back day in January?
The problem is that I don't find myself in any option for asking them visa, that's why I think I m going to wait January.
After I come back I will get married so I will don t have anymore this problems I hope
The thing is I found a lawyer but he wants 2000 euro and from this 1000 in advance thrue western or PayPal to make me volunteer visa, but I m not so sure in this lawyer

brunotomm :

The thing is I found a lawyer but he wants 2000 euro and from this 1000 in advance thrue western or PayPal to make me volunteer visa, but I m not so sure in this lawyer

2000 euro??? For what?
Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal and other methods of payments are private payment tools. Usually when you pay via any of such payment system the money receiver stops answering your messages the next day:) So at least ask your lawyer for a written legal services contract and a copy of his/her passport.

You either wait for your out-of-Ukraine-90-days expire and enter again under the no visa regime (as I understood from your post you are a Spain citizen) or you get any type of C visa and enter Ukraine under this visa. Here you can read more info on the subject matter: https://www.legal-ideas.com/post/gettin … -type-visa

And as you are planning to come to get married in Ukraine I would advise you to get prepared for that while you still have some time. This is the article outlining most often issues foreigners face in the process of marriage registration in Ukraine: https://www.legal-ideas.com/post/marria … in-ukraine

As I understand the lawyers take part of the money and donate to children organisations, and this organisations after provide them invitation letters for the client on volunteer base.
They say we will make you insurance and all other paperwork but finally I think 80 % of the money remains in their pocket.
I was thinking I canno t make Visa C type just D type, I was thinking C type is for the foreigners who are not visa free 90 days.


RE Volunteering
What he offered to you was getting temporary residence for 1 year giving to foreign volunteers. The process of this you can find here https://www.legal-ideas.com/post/volunt … nce-permit

But that is a very bad option and I would not advise you to utilize it. Of course if you want to volunteer and there is an NGO willing you to help them make the world a better place then that is alright.  But you were offered absolutely a different thing.

Getting Ukrainian temporary residence is often used by people calling themselves "lawyers" but in fact they either scammers, those who have no clue about the law or very bad lawyers.

In the best case scenario you will get your residence permit for 1 year because some NGO invites you. But 99% of those NGOs are registered specifically for this purpose - to sell residence to foreigners. These NGOs do not really carry out any pro bono activity. Even if you are invited by an active NGO then still you are not going to volunteer. Right?

NGOs are carefully supervised by the tax office because they are used for tax evasion & money laundering. Thus NGOs have strict requirements for reporting, for documenting their activity, projects, results of their activity, how their money are used, etc. It is not like you got invited by an NGO, got your residence permit and do nothing. You have to really volunteer. If you do volunteer then it has to be duly documented to be proved.

In real life and what you will get hiring that lawyer is they you will be invited by some dead NGO. If, or better to say when, this NGO will be inspected it will be revealed that you have been doing zero volunteering, that this NGO has 100 other such "volunteers". The NGO will be dissolved, your residence will be annulled, you will be fined and banned from entering Ukraine for 3 years but taking into account that you have already violated the immigration legislation you have good chances to be banned perpetually.

RE price

Your "lawyer" is a god of scammers:) An average price for residence based on volunteering is $300. So 2000 EUR is something I hear for the first time. For this money you can register your own NGO, got a 3 year residence and sell volunteering invitations to other foreigners making profit being a non-profitable:) But do not do this as this is also violation of law with negative legal consequences.

In you situation you can register an LLC and get also a 3 year residence and the total costs of this for you will be around $700. You can read about this option here: https://www.legal-ideas.com/post/proces … in-ukraine

But you do not actually need this LLC as you are going to get married to a Ukrainian citizen and based on that you will be able to receive your temporary residence and in 2 years your permanent residence.

RE visas

I never tried this way but I think it is how it works. An idea of the visa free regime is to make visiting Ukraine easier but not to restrict foreigners from visiting Ukraine due to some formal reasons. I believe you have these free 90 days and if you need a couple of more days you can get a visa. It should not be a problem.

Wow thank you very very much.
I was having some doubts in this lawyer but now for sure I will not use his option.
The reason why I need to go back to Ucraina is that my girlfriend is having a serious operation day 25 th of November and I would like to stay near her.
I don't need more than 10 days but unfortunately Ukrainian legislation don't recognize this like a reason even my girlfriend can send me papers that she is schedule for this operation.
I m trying to contact consulate of ukraina in Krakow as I m for business matters in Poland but nobody is answering the phone

You still have time to get a С-02 visa, it is a private visa. Time for getting a C-type visa is up to 10 business days for USD 65 and up to 5 business days for USD 130. Other amounts of visa fees may apply based on the reciprocity principle used between Ukraine and a relevant country.

It is issued for up to 90 days within 180 days and can be a multi-visa, one-
time or two-times visa.

To get this visa you need to submit to a Ukrainian consulate the following documents:
- passport;
- visa application;
- one colored photo 35x45 millimeters in size;
- insurance policy covering not less than EUR 30,000.00;
- documents proving sufficient financial resources for living in Ukraine for the time period of visa;
- bank receipt certifying payment of a consular duty;
- notarized invitation letter of a private individual who is a citizen of Ukraine - your fiancee for example. Such an invitation letter must contain the full name of the host, details of his/her passport or permanent/temporary residence permit,
residence address, full name of the invited foreigner, date and place of his/her birth, citizenship, ID’s details, place of residence, purpose of the visit, period for visiting Ukraine, a number of visits and the address of residence in Ukraine, the host’s undertaking to cover expenses pertinent to the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine and departure. This invitation letter has to be accompanied with a copy of passport or
temporary / permanent residence permit of the host.

All documents issued by foreign authorities have to be legalized / apostilled, translated into the Ukrainian language (if not possible – into the English language) by a certified translator whose signature has to be duly certified (e.g. notarized) as well.

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