Gas Bottles


I'm looking for more information about the gas bottles since its something i've never used before....

1.I will be moving to Bugibba and i've heard that the vans will drive around the village weekly,but where and when do they stop ?

2.Is there some sort of indication how much gas you have left in a bottle ?

3.How easy is it to lift them up and down to a 4th floor flat ?

4.How easy is it to change them ?

Sorry for the sily questions and thanks!

the vans do daily daily or weekly deliveries depending on season and they often honk there horn fairly close to wherever you would be living. I think when we lived in Bugibba it was tuesdays.

There is no indication on the bottle - but the standard 12kg bottle should last 6 months with just gas cooking or 3months for gas cooking and gas ketlle. Or if you are running it for a gas heater over winter it will last maybe 7-10days at was a colder than normal winter last winter and we used 15 gas bottles at 16.60 euros per bottle for nearly 3-4 months. we dont like being cold - its more humidity levels are high and it makes you feel damp and cold..but we do live in a penthouse with four outside walls if your are mid block then it should be warmer

Its easy enough if you are built like garth or hercules - i wouldnt want to do it for sure. luckily we have a lift

changing them is easy - its only a clip on regulator.... and hose