tax slips at the supermaxi

My wife and I have been here about 2 weeks now, and have made a couple of trips to the supermaxi and the mi camisariato. Admittedly my spanish is poor, and my ability to understand the spoken word is far behind my abilty to vocalize my thoughts. So, each time, at the check out the clerk asks me something to do with taxes, i think. And because there always seems to be a long line, i do not tie him up to speak slowly enough where i might understand. Each time I am offered a small mountain of pieces of paper, which i have refused to this point. I imagine this may be to file to get part of the VAT back? Anyone with experience with this care to enlighten me?  As always i appreciate the time and effort.

To request devolution of IVA (the tax), you need to be at least 65 years old.  You must go to start the process to the SRI (Servicio de Rentas internas or something like that) and do everything they say.  Bring your original cêdule, not a copy, or you cannot start the process.  I do not know if it applies to anyone who does not have a cêdula.  Once you have gone through the process  with SRI, you should then go to office of Supermaxi within the store, and advise them that you want to be registered, with your cêdula, so that anytime you buy something, you get a receipt which shows how much IVA you have paid.  Your first time asking for the devolution of this IVA must be at the oficina of the local SRI, who show you the ropes.  They will give you a password to enter the system.  It actually works.

Thanks Helen, i have nearly a year to wait for 65, but will put it on my things to do calendar.  Once you have completed the registration process with the government and the store, do they credit you right at the register?

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