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Would anyone be interested in trying some frisbee/disc golf, let me know. Cheers

I defiantly would.... When and where?

Great! I normally play a round or two on Sunday afternoon at Heritage Golf Club in Bel Ombre where there's currently a disc golf course available. It is a great course for beginners as well as for experienced frisbee players and the holes are mostly par 3s and the rounds usually last around 60-120 minutes. You're most welcome to join!

Great stuff Yusaf
Do you want to drop me you phone number so that we can be in touch?

I stay tamarin side. Not quite sure when I'll have a gap, but hopefully sooner than later.

Thanks for this awesome information...
I never knew there was any frizbee people on the island... 👍

Cheers, will do.

We have teams playing ultimate frisbee at Riverland in Tamarin and also one in the North at Northfields on Sunday mornings.

yusuf.beeharry wrote:


Would anyone be interested in trying some frisbee/disc golf, let me know. Cheers

Hi Yusuf,

I’ve discovered Disc Golf few years ago while doing a trek abroad, wondering what was these strange baskets in the Nature.... Always wanted to play (like freesbee) but never tried yet...
Was looking 2 years ago if it exists in Mauritius but not à the time...
Today wanted to develop it in Mauritius and discovered that there is one course in Bel Ombre and à least one player... I think Mauritius could be Disc Golf paradise.... A Mauritius Disc Golf Association or league should be made.... then events, practice spots etc... All Golf course should have a nice DG course... (for local events and international).
Is the a place where we can buy Discs here ? Basket to train putting in the garden ? (Today practicing with a regular Freesbee and no target :(
Any tips ?
Hope we could play one day together.... and maybe other players like Donovan...



PS: Bel Ombre access is free ? Fee ? How much?

Hi Philo,

Great to hear from you!

I have recently formed an association 'Tamarin Eagles Sports Club ' and our aim is to develop frisbee sports in Mauritius- this include both ultimate frisbee and disc golf. We are associated with the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), who is the regulatory body for disc golf worldwide and we recently joined one of their programs- the 'Marco Polo' program, whose aim is to introduce disc golf to new countries and that includes Mauritius.

As you mentioned, we want to start by teaching disc golf, do little tournaments, and from there, develop more disc golf courses and in the long run, organize an international disc golf tournament.

The disc golf course at Heritage Golf Club is free to try, there are nine holes available, ranging from 50 metres to 150 metres holes.

We bought the discs online from Amazon, I think you can get them from the manufacturer's website too- discraft, innova, mvp, etc...

Yeah it would definitely be good to have a round, it's quite challenging and fun, have you played before?



Hi Yusuf,

Thx for the answers... Sure will go to Heritage to try it... wish I had at least a putter to practice during the confinement....
I’ve only used frisbee as a “beach game” never played Ultimate or Disc Golf, bit always liked Freesbee and precision games... tried Golf few times but too expensive, I think Disc Golf is way more affordable for an equal fun factor...

Funny for the basket I wanted to make one DIY, or found a welder to make one...
Yes I could be interested by one. Do you planned to make galvanized Pro one style look and efficient like Innova Disccatcher Pro 28 chains, or Discgolf park 28 chains etc... real targets !?




Yeah these baskets looks great,  I will check if I can have an extra one made for you

Hi there,

If anyone are interested in trying disc golf, we are now open at Bagatelle Golf Park where we also have foot golf available and will have golf also soon.

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