Swimming pool

How much does it cost to build a 10 by 20 meter pool in the Philippines?

It depends.....

what type of soil?  Dirt, sand, rock????
How is it being dug?  By hand or machine?
What depth will it be?
Will there be a foreman or are you going to supervise?
How is going to be lined?  Concrete or liner?

Hobbit, Good question.  Soil, machine, concrete lined and from 3 feet  sloping to 5 1/2  feet deep.

Hi Lat and welcome to the forum, hope you find some answers.
As Hobbit suggests there are many variables also including finishes, wet edge/s, (horizon) Concrete pump and assured concrete delivery from your local supplier, pebble or tile finish etc.

The size of the pool you enquire about is high end resort size, in Oz we have what is considered a very large wet edge pool at 12m x 6m and holds 100Kl; [at] 1.2 to 1.9 depth, the pool size you ask for would require
240Kl [at] 1.2M. That's a lot of water to deal with and power/chemical costs to consider. My small wet edge pool by your asked standard consumes 10 Kw of power every day but negated with a 5 Kw solar system. The salt, buffer, sunblock, Hydrochloric acid, phosphate additives etc; maintenance labour and the list goes on.

We are absolute beachfront here in PH. but still want a swimming pool and the size will be about 8M x 4M for many quick or leisurely plunges, big enough for us as well as visiting family and friends.

May I ask why so big? Our neighbour has a nice pool that is about 12M x 7 to 8M, wet edge drain all around and yes high end including pumps etc. and the cost was 1.6 or 1.7M PHP.
Comparable to western costs for a swimming pool, you want one you pay for it.
Just a contribution/observation.

Cheers, Steve.

Steve, Thanks for responding.  Yeah probably to big and land costs also to consider. 

Steve, Thanks for responding.  Yeah probably to big and land costs also to consider. 

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