Wrong fine on etraffic app

Hi Guys,
I recently sold my car few days ago. Today i checked my etraffic app and saw 2 court contraventions fine (for red light) dated a year back with a new status. I have heard camera based fines come late in the system.
I was not the owner of the car back then, but they seem to be tagged against me. Can anyone let me know how i can get this fixed . Problem is i cant contact the old owner also :(.Thanks!

They are tagged to the number plate and the owner at the time when the fine comes.  Go to the traffic department with the details of when you bought and sold the car.

Thanks Xtang,
So this means until the fine is cleared,  the new owner cannot sell the car also. I sold it to a friend of mine.

Yep fines must be cleared to be able to sell the car.

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