Requirment of stable union visa

What is the requirment of stable union visa for permanent resident?  And where can i get it? I am looking that in police Federal websit.  Please inform me everything.

If you are a PR you do not need such???
Go to the PF office and ask. Have you visited the PF to change address and other questions asked?
Stable Union would go through CRNM process and if approved, issued.
If someone wants to reunite with family they need to go to consulate in home country for the Visa. which is temporary, and then go to PF for processing a CRNM

Thanks for reply. It's not for me. I have a friend who has girlfriend,  and he he asked me to know the requirment for stable union visa. And how is it working?  Understand sir??

I understand madam
There I a lot of info missing, "a friend who has a girlfriend", can not help them unless knowing who, what,  and where
First one has to be a citizen of BR the non citizen needs a visa to come to BR. They go to the cartorio and apply for marriage (stable union "SU") and if all information is provided and approved they can marry (stable union) them. Once married the non-citizen must apply for CRNM and have a permanent address before visa expires and sooner the better.
If both are not citizens, SU will not work.

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