can someone tell me if there is a JP Morgan Chase bank in Ghana? thank you


What is GIYF?

Just click on it in my topic.

Sometimes it is much more educational or informative to get information from someone who is living in Ghana or spent a period of time there. Most time a potential expat who have not visited the country yet will ask questions and yes some maybe stupid. If you are an example of who Ghananians are this is a terrible disappointment.  Your insult was not necessary all you had to do was answer a simple stupid question,( according to your definition of stupidity) to the best of your knowledge. Obviously you didn't know the answer. What a SHAME.


Realistically, the way you asked your question is the normal basic answer.  Analyze the situation, you're new on the site and you ask a question that Google can answer in a second.  If you managed to find our site, it means that you know how to use a search engine.  On this site, there are people who appear to ask a basic question and then disappear immediately after.  So at times, it's frustrating.

To answer your question, I don't think so. However I am not sure why you need to have the same bank here as you have in the US. I am British and my bank does not have a branch here but I can transfer money here. I can also use my debit card here and could get cash if I needed it.

My stupid question, per your definition. All am saying was no need to be derogatory, you could have simply give a yes or no answer.  Being nasty to people doesn't make anyone look good instead it makes you look small. Therefore, next time you think a question is stupid, just don't reply. God Bless.

Okay, thank you for that information.

:lol:  :lol:  :lol:

To reply to your first question, I should have to do the same than you. Search on Google. Because except a person who do big business or who's working in bank sector could be able to answer correctly to it.

After that, everyone has a certain degree of suceptibility. For the rest, it will not prevent the sun from rising.

So in conclusion, have a good day and good luck for your Ghanaian adventures that I will follow with passion if they come true someday ...

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