Query regarding Parents visiting Singapore

Hi All

I am on EP from india and my friend is singapore citizen who helped me in sponsoring my parents for visit pass

They got their entry permit approved

I want to know if immigration officer gonna ask any questions? As my parents can't speak english

And also if they will ask for bank Statement?


for visitors, they might ask below questions:
- Purpose of your visit
- where you may be staying
- Valid return tickets
- Have enough finances

But rest assured, immigration officers are super nice. You can stand in a queue which is group queue or family queue where you can also stand by them during the immigration process.

Also check with Airline staff, they also do provide such service to have your parents clear everything at arriving airports till collecting luggage and its free.

I would recommend to give your parents a page where you write down few things that can help them which I mentioned in my points.

Take care, all will be fine :)

Thanks for sharing, how to identify family queue, i have never seen that queue?

Or i can stand by them in any queue?

There is no such family queue at immigration checkpoint. But, they do ask if travellers travelling with baby to stand a corner queue at right side. But your parents, they can tell that they are visiting their son who is working here. Send an email or WhatsApp message with your name, Singapore address (where they will stay) and HP number. So, if officer asks then they can show him/her. Secondly, they can speak broken English so the officer can easily understand. Nothing will happen as such. Good luck

If they don't speak English, there are other official languages in Singapore: They may try Tamil instead!

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