Malaysian Driving License

I am new in KL , moved from UAE. Is it possible to convert UAE driving license to Malaysian ? Also is it possible to buy car if you are on Gurdian visa.

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Not sure if UAE is on the list of countries that can convert to a Malaysian driving license. I do not see why foreigners cannot buy a car on a Guardian Visa. Foreigners can buy property on a tourist visa so why not a car? The easiest way to check is to go to any authorized car dealer and ask them. When I had my MM2H the car dealer already knew about the tax free price I would pay so I am sure they could answer your question about Guardian Visa. But I guess you should have no problems.

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No you can't. Conversions are currently banned for all nationalities but MM2H Visa holders will soon be able to convert.

Licence, Im not sure, you will have to go into the JPJ office and ask about current rules. They DO encourage all foreigners to take the local licence but they are referring to the method by which you go to school and take the exams in the Malay language. For conversion, im not sure right now.

Buying a car. Ok, in my 20 years I never had any problem at all buying a car or motorcycle but a few years ago they insisted on seeing some sort of visa. I said, sure sure I bring it later and it was all forgotten and I had the car. They have a very hard time turning down cash! Very, very hard!! Welcome to Asia!!

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What's the new rule now? Is the suspension of driving license conversion already lifted? I read some article that it's lifted now as per Dec 2019. I try to call JPJ office to confirm, but they didn't pick up.

Hi, can tell me from WHEN?

The ban on license conversion was lifted on 1st November 2019. … ow/1805648

If you the read the article it says

MM2H and
Malaysian citizens


Most expats can't convert.

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