Visiting Singapore after breaking scholarship bond

Hi, I am in need of help regarding my visit to Singapore next month.

I was a nurse in Singapore 4 years back and broke my scholarship bond with hospital during my 2nd year while serving bond since I was in an accident while visiting to my hometown. My parents contacted to local agency but they told us to directly contact hospital HR and to pay back everything as per agreement which we could not afford. So, this matter has not been settled until now.

One of my family members is in Singapore and she is planning to receive an operation next month and that is why I want to visit Singapore to take care of her.
So here, I am so worried that ICA will retain me at Immigration and ask me to pay back for bond breaking matters or not allowing me to enter Singapore.

Can anyone suggest me how I can make sure my status to enter Singapore for a visit?
Your suggestion, opinion or comment will be a great help for me.

Thank you!

This was answered many times, if you want a confirmation email from ICA that you can travel Singapore.

You may write to ICA for their confirmation, once they confirm then take the print out and keep with you. Good luck

Thank you for your suggestion. I sent an email to ICA regarding this matter and ICA replied me that they cannot give prior confirmation for the visit visa. Is there any other way to confirm if I can visit Singapore and what is the worst scenario if they will take action for breaking bond 4 years ago?
I do really appreciate your time and suggestion.

Unless the employer filed a complain at MoM on this issue then MoM update ICA for the same, ICA doesn’t act.

If ICA won’t confirm then it’s upto you to take risk and try to visit. If ICA allows then fair enough or else be prepared for the second option I.e. to return on same day. Good luck

I don't think in this case ICA only acts if the employer lodged a complaint:
Most bonds are government bonds (because you got a government-financed or -subsidized training) and the authorities usually deal harshly with bond-breakers.
Better first pay back the dues before you attempt to travel to Singapore!

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