Working FT in Singapore - Converting a DP to an EP


Just wanted some input on what is considered standard practice in Singapore.

I relocated with my husband to Singapore and my company agreed to transfer me. He is working on an EP, and I am working on a DP as I received an LOC from my employer. This all seems perfectly legal and  fine.

It has been brought to my attention that, if I am working full-time, long-term, and on good pay in a large finance company, my company should really apply for an EP for me too. My landlord, estate agent, bank and financial adviser, all seemed to expect my company to apply for my EP eventually, and that my situation was rather unusual. I also would prefer the security of having my own EP, given that markets can be volatile, but there seems to be some pushback.

Can someone kindly advise whether it makes sense for me to work on a DP long term?



It’s always preferable to have your own EP not a dependant pass, where your husband is your sponsor. As you said correctly, in a volatile situation if either of your EP got affected then other one will support by applying DP for him or her.

Most trailing spouses on DP/LoC are paid below market rates (too little to get an EP) or do not have the education or background to get their own EP. I assume this does not apply to you.
It is correct that separate EPs are more common and preferable (as your DP and LoC become void the moment your husband loses his job).
But it is also legal and possible to continue working on your current LoC. You cannot force your employer to change this and apply for an EP instead (although it would also give them more security that you will not be suddenly gone).

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