Expat interest in politics in Kuwait

Hello everyone,

As an expat, your day-to-day life in Kuwait is impacted by decision-making at the political level in your host country as well as in your country of origin. We would like to know how involved you think expats should be in the political day-to-day of either their host or home country?

Can expats vote during elections which take place in their country of origin? Can you do so online or through embassies/consulates in Kuwait?

What is the administrative process which has been set up in Kuwait to enable expats to vote in their country of origin?

To which extent should political life in Kuwait include expats and their concerns? Should they be more active as a community to make their voices heard?

Are there any precautionary measures to observe during election period in your host country? Any local prohibitions?

Do you keep up with politics in Kuwait?

Thanks for sharing your experience.


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