Expat interest in politics in Austria

Hello everyone,

As an expat, your day-to-day life in Austria is impacted by decision-making at the political level in your host country as well as in your country of origin. We would like to know how involved you think expats should be in the political day-to-day of either their host or home country?

Can expats vote during elections which take place in their country of origin? Can you do so online or through embassies/consulates in Austria?

What is the administrative process which has been set up in Austria to enable expats to vote in their country of origin?

To which extent should political life in Austria include expats and their concerns? Should they be more active as a community to make their voices heard?

Are there any precautionary measures to observe during election period in your host country? Any local prohibitions?

Do you keep up with politics in Austria?

Thanks for sharing your experience.


Yes, I do keep up with Austrian politics, and am fascinated by the possibility of a new Green-turquoise blue coalition (ÖVP/GPÖ) being formed. Here too though populism has entered the arena, which is dissapointing.
As an English citizen I also follow Parliament, which bitterly dissapoints me. Brexit. Our election system is in need of desperate change- proportional representation and not first past the post. Written constitution is also required.
Finally NO limit on when UK citizens can vote, as at the moment anyone over 15 years CANNOT vote in a general election in the UK. Here in Austria only allowed to vote in local elections.

The Democrats Abroad group in Vienna has been an invaluable source of information about registering to vote and getting an absentee ballot in on time. This is more about staying connected to US process though... I have found it interesting to follow Austrian politics, but not being able to vote kind of takes me out of the process a bit too.

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