Condo/Home Owners Insurance

Are there any recommendations for condo/home owners insurance for Puerto Plata? I know it doesn't work the same as the states, but curious if anyone insures and approximate cost if willing to share?

We've found insurance is very different here, based on contents' and value of the home and land.  Claims are based on what was damaged/stolen/broken (some policies cover broken electronics) and deductibles are a percentage of what the claim is.  Stops you from padding the claim, as then you have to pay more out of pocket too.  Our home insurance is with Universal, and we found it reasonable, and comparable to what we would pay in Canada.  3 bedroom villa insured for around $750 US for the year in Sosua.  No idea if prices differ in Puerto Plata, or a recommendation, sorry.  Most of our friends have insurance, and few don't, and their reasoning was they "heard the companies don't pay out on any claims".  I have yet to find anybody with first-hand experience with a denied claim though.

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