Saudi Arabia Mumaris Plus Professional Classification

Good Afternoon.
I have got a job offer in Saudi Arabia which I am really interested in. I was asked to complete the Professional Classification Application through Mumaris Plus. When I applied for it, my application was returned and I was asked to upload my photo and copy of passport. I did not have any problem with uploading my photo but I cannot upload a copy of my passport. The appropriate field expands to Resident Permit only and there is no option for Passport. When I try to upload my copy of passport using the Resident Permit option, all application goes into error. I already contacted the admin team through Tawasul but they did not resolve my problem yet. I sent several messages to them but they ignore me or give irrelevant answers. My application already stuck for nearly three months and I do not know how to push it forward. If any of you had a similar problem I will be thankful for sharing your experiences.

Hello guys. I am a newbie here in saudi. And i have a problem regarding my mumaris. My certificate of employment in my past work was just 8 months and according to the mumaris they only accept atleast one year of experience. So what im ganno do?

If your problem not solve yet, you can contact me I want to do it free.

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