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hi I am moving to KL in jan 2020 with wife and one daughter.I am looking for some info on typical rental for 2 bedroom condominium and school tution fees  thanks in advance

The easiest way to find out the typical rental for apartments is to go to one of the popular property websites: Star Property, Iproperty, Durian Property and Property Guru. Just enter the area where you wish to live, click on "rent" enter your budget and other requirements and you'll see lots of results

There are a couple of international schools in Mont Kiara and you could go to their websites and contact them about availability of places and prices but bear in mind they often have waiting lists. Lots of other international schools too which you can research and then contact for more details.

A lot depends on where you will be working and how close you would like to live to your workplace, public transport to get to work like LRT, MRT etc

Thanks my office is in bukit jalil but my priority is accomadation near to school.I shortliseted 3 school GIIS,VIKAS AND SAYFOL.can any1 suggest the pros and cons of these 3 and also if it is easy to get admission or there are waitylist

Hi I am a property agent with properties around KL and Mont Kiara with very good International Schools around and it's a popular choice for foreigner families. Please reply here if you are interested, I will provide you with my contact number.

Hi there,
If your office is in Bukit Jalil you may wish to consider Kingsgate International School which is in the same area. New school (opened Sep 18) but growing quickly and they have a great leadership team in place.

Here is a full list of international schools in KL, arranged by their price tier - might be useful?

Out of GIIS, Vikas & Sayfol - I would recommend visiting when you arrive. Places are not usually an issue but you could contact the schools with your child/ren's date/s of birth to check this.

Hi this one is out of budget ,I am looking for some good school with budjet -2000 RM per month and flexible for location ,please suggest ,she is going to be in grade 1.      Reg,

I think that KiwinKL's link provides a lot of International schools well within your budget. Have you decided on any particular school yet?

Hi yes I am looking for GIIS

GIIS is in Brickfields and just across from KL Sentral. One of the condos that I visited a long time ago with some interest to purchase is Suasana Sentral. I enquired about that condo again a few years ago and I understand that there are quite a lot of Indians living in those blocks. I am not sure if it will be suitable for you but the location is excellent with Nu Sentral Shopping Mall just nearby and great transportation to get to Bukit Jalil, and of course it is right beside the Indian community with so many great places to eat.

There are several other condos in the area so I am sure you can find a suitable place to live quite easily near to GIIS.

Thanks shill i will look for the apartment

Would Airbnb be a good starting point for accommodation listings for,a period of say 10 weeks.

Are there any  special requirements for renting a place.    Is it OK on the normal 90day arrival visa .

I assuming most apartments would be at least 6 month rental periods,,,Airbnb seems flexible.

I 'm  part time property agent in KL. which area do you plan to stay, If you need place that accessible to train MRT/LRT station, i would suggest you furnished room which i can negotiate with owner for short stay. Currently i do have few units/room available,

Hi, I have a brand new unit 2+1 Room fully furnished in between KLCC and Pavillion mall (Walking distance) - KLCC view . I also have tuition fee information that you want which I can help you on it. Feel free contact me by reply here if you are interested, I will provide you with my contact number.

It seems this thread is being inundated by property agents. This kind of property agent probably see this site as a potentially easy means to find clients.

I still recommend going to those reputable property websites and finding apartments in your particular area. The agents who advertise these listings are usually specialized in those areas or exclusive as they might have a relationship with the landlord. Any agents here that try to find business will simply try to make you sign a 3 or 6 month exclusivity agreement with them and to sign confirming that you will not rent a property that they might show you. But they almost certainly contact other agents in your area as they have nothing to offer themselves and hope to split the commission with the other agent (paid by the landlord). The other agents might not want to split the commission and may not agree to share the property, therefore you'd miss out on possible good properties. You can by-pass these so called agents in this thread by just dealing with the agents who list the properties that interest you.

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