newborn baby overstayed in singapore

hi all,

My wife gave birth to our child 50 days back, on the time I have been handed over with ICA advisory to register the pass within 42 days, but I somehow misplaced it and forgot altogether about it.
this is my fist child, my wife had a ceser delivery and he was having a high jaundice  for it took 1 and half months to become normal, it was over whelming and I kind of lost track about the advisory.
After things got normal I wanted to proceed further with getting the passport for my son. while doing that I stumbled upon the advisory and as soon as I saw that I reported to ICA, they have registered it as offence and provided my son a special pass and asked me to appear at ICA when ever asked.
I need your help me on advising how should I handle this should I hire a lawyer or what should I do.

please help I am puzzled and not sure what to do

Your child got a special pass from ICA. In future ICA may charge some fine (around $200 or so). But, you didn’t tell us, what is stopping you to apply DP of your new born child!

After the baby got special pass, your employer should have applied DP. What’s your wife pass status here? She is holding DP or WP? I’m wondering how come you forgot this basics that overstaying in Singapore is a serious crime which leads to deportation. You should have prepared all these before your child’s born. Good luck

Although overstaying is a serious offende and you will probably get a fine, as Surya wrote, ICA is also lenient when it comes to babies.
But you need to be apologetic (indicate that any fine is o.k. and will be paid quickly!) and explain the medical situation (submit proof!) and that you were unable to cope.
Deportation is only for serious issues, not yours!

We are in a similar situation. How did this get resolved?

We have mentioned in this case, reach out ICA, if they advise, visit their office with all the supporting. ICA may fine you with a warnings.

As you didn’t tell anything about your case, so hardly we can tell further.

hi. my hubby and I also overlooked the expiration of the visa. today when he went ICA to inform them and to extend, the officer told him that they will file a case for my newborn baby's overstaying. we have a pending long term pass visa application. I am very worried. we can apply for appeal right? it's not like they will deport my baby? please advise.. :(

Don’t worry they will not deport your baby for sure but this is a negligence at your end. You should know that overstay in Singapore jeopardy the chances of work passes in future. Very likely that your husband will pay $100 to $200 overstay fine and short term visa extension of baby will be approved. Please share here the end result if you all have received long term visas. This will help us to understand the case by case basis. Good luck

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