Curitiba employment

Anything available in Curitiba that's graphic design, website related?

Hey Okie,
There are many.  State capitol of Paraná.
It is home to many multinational industries, such as Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen, Philip Morris, Audi, Volvo, and others.
You must have a work visa or become a permanent resident.
Both take a long time. Work, must have a sponsor company that would apply with gov for such. (Would have to be a job that no Brazilian could do)

I'm married to a Brazilian, 11 years. She came to the states but we are looking to return so me obtaining citizenship is no problem. Any help is greatly appreciated sir.

So you have CRNM/RNE which has not expired? You can only be out of Brasil 1day less than 2 years. Is there an expiration date on CRM/RNE?
If you are good may want to start with auto industry, been rough the last couple years. Ford pull out of trucks and trying to partner with some other auto company.
Step daughter work with Renault in France and return to Curitiba plant, but left.
Bradesco Bank is there.
Try looking on auto BR sites. That profession is out of my league to help, but still have a condo there Love the city.

Thanks Tex! Been perusing expat comments and either having a small business through my wife or just bringing my online work from the U.S. to Brazil seems to be the best option. Getting paid in réis stinks, just a reality.

It does, but if you have US accounts it helping on less transfer's.
So long as you pay US taxes and file FBAR you are fine.
Many do online work. Now there has been rumbling of taxing such, but they are trying to figure a way.
Does wife have SS or ITN # so you can file joint in US? Also any financials accounts in US may need to set up beneficiary while there.
Being from Okla. you may be use to cold and it does get chilly in Curitiba. That is why I live n Foz.

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