Please enlighten

Pls I need  advice  my husband  have italian carta and we want to relocate to france due to lack of no job here...I got 2yrs  sorgiono of motivie familiare.....He is planning to change is document  to france  document. As for me what wil i my document  can't work there....can I stil be under him in france.

If you are a non-European foreigner and legally residing in another country of the European Union (EU), you can come live in France under certain conditions.  Depending on the nature of your residence permit and your status in your country of origin, your steps will be different to enter and stay in France.  You must apply for a long-stay visa (more than 3 months) to enter France to apply for a residence permit to settle there.
This visa is required even if you have a permanent or unlimited residence permit in your country of origin.

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