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Hey all, my name is Faye Wang, currenctly an editor of the official website of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.

We have been engaging in a campain for public opnion poll on China's business environment.

China wants to continue improving its business environment to better serve people around the world, and we need your help. Your opinions are vital in allowing the Chinese government to understand the positive moves it has taken, the difficulties you may have faced in investing, doing business or working in China, and other ways it could further boost the business climate. If you're an expat investing, doing business or working in a foreign company in China, or a scholar or expert with related knowledge or experience, we would love to hear your ideas about China's business environment through this online survey. You will have the chance to win a special gift for your valuable opinions. We look forward to hearing from you!
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I happen to really like the Chinese business environment, culture and society. After all, I married a Chinese woman, and have settled down inside of China for a long time.

To be frank, there are a number of areas that cause problems for expats to do business in China. These problems are neither good, nor bad. They just are, and I have no solutions.

[1] email rejection from China. One big problem that expat businesses, and Chinese businesses have in dealing with the rest of the world has to do with IT staffing. Yes. The rest of the world employs lazy IT staff. They automatically send all emails originating out of China into the junk and spam directory. I would like to see a very special official and vetted Chinese-government supported and policed email account that can be considered to be reputable and thus not automatically tossed into the trash.  To get around this major problem, we have to use either American or European email services, and also ask our customers to "white list" our emails to prevent them from being deleted.

[2] Western blocking on Chinese websites. Most American companies also block and suppress Chinese websites. There needs to be some soft of vetting process, or control where a reliable Chinese company can be on this ISP  list. I imagine something alone the lines of the Alibaba trusted supplier system, only that it would be an authorized Chinese government approved trusted company. Maybe tied into the ISO 9002 system or such.

[3] VPN Requirement. The Chinese internet often limits and hampers Western businesses within China. In fact, I know of NO Western business that does not use a VPN. It's not that everyone wants to use Google, Twitter or Facebook. But that there are all sorts of Western and American websites that have information that is useful. Blocking it off renders communication to locations outside of China problematic.

[4] Z-visas. Z-visas have a upper age limit of 55 years (60 if extended). Yet, in America, the most talented and experienced professionals work up until their mid-70's. Even Donald Trump is working in his 70's, but he would never be permitted to work in China s he is over 55. This restriction should be able to be lifted under certain circumstances. For instance, I am in my 60's, and I have been approached by American aerospace companies to help with their hyper-jet technology (I worked on SDI back in the 1980's.) If China wants to "leap-frog" the West by employment of technical experts and scientists, then this limit must be lifted. All of the engineers who worked on the Apollo lunar missions are in their 70s now.

[5] Citizenship path. Having WOFE operations is a great help, What I would like to see is some pathway to become a full Chinese citizen, instead of always being a laowai. A five year green card is a step in the right direction, but what about those of us who are married, and who have Chinese families, Chinese children, Chinese, lifestyle and want to set up a Chinese business? It's difficult.

...Just some thoughts off the top of my head.

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