Marriage and the RNE

Hello guys,

I am from Montenegto and I am getting married in December, in Brazil. So now I am submitting all paperwork but one thing confuses me. I was asked, by Cartorio, to produce declaration from  the PF that my RNE (which I posses since 2016 together with VITEM-V) is still valid. I called Cartorio and ask why they are asking me to provide that document and I was told that they want to be sure that I am not illegaly in Brazil. So I asked how people without RNE get married in Brazil but the man wasn't able to provide answer and he was repeating the same reason. So i suggest that I produce scan of my passport with Fe Publica (with entry stamp from 10 days ago) but he said that he wants aforementioned declaration.
Maybe I am wrong but to obtain RNE you should provide some reason (job, marriage, etc.) right? Not vice-versa, RNE to support wedding.

My company here wants to cancel my existing visa as I have "old type visa", to fly me out to Argentina to apply for the "new visa" before my wedding day. But in that case my RNE will be cancelled as well and I might ended up unable to get married if it is really neccessary to have it.

If anyone has any info about marriage fir Brazilian whete expat does not posses RNE, I would appreciate a lot any info. All other papers are accepted and in ordet.

Thank you guys!

Every cartório seems to have a different take on the rules.  That one may want assurance that your CIE is genuine - who knows?  You might want to try a different cartório.

If you want that particular cartório, the simplest thing might just be to go to the Estrangeiros office of the Federal Police, tell them the problem,  and ask for some kind of confirmation you can give to the cartório.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Congrats on your marriage.

The cartorio i am also going to use in Rio de janeiro said that if you dont have a RNE, you need to have your Passport or visa with a copy of the stamp of entry into Brazil and must not pass the 90 days. If you made an extension, you have to show proof.

If you have a valid RNE, its good to use as long as you are married before the expiration date.

Abthree is right, you should just go to a different cartorio that is experienced with enstrangeiro marriages.

You have a Vitem V which is a work visa (temporary) granted by the Ministry of Labor. If that already expired (RNE with "Temporary" as classification), you are now a tourist if you re-entered 10 days ago. Was the expiration the reason for the flight to Argentina? The expiration date is CLEARLY mentioned on your RNE document.

You can get married just with your passport with the stamp of entry as long as you can provide  other documentations asked for the marriage to occur. The documents must be apostilled, translated by a sworn translator in Brazil and registered at a cartorio.


1. Birth certificate
2. Declaration of civil status
3. Passport with entry stamp


1. Divorce Decree
2. Original Marriage Certificate
3. Passport with entry stamp

Widow or Widower:

1. Death Certificate
2. Original Marriage Certificate
3. Passport with the entry stamp

If you don´t want to provide proof from the Policia Federal, go to a different cartorio
as others have suggested.

Good luck!


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