Filing DP for dependents when another EP application is in progress

Hi all,

I am an EP holder. I have got another job offer and that company has filed my EP application. I want to know whether I can apply DP for my spouse against my current EP through my current employer.

Is that possible ?
Will filing the DP application hamper my new EP application which is in progress ?

Also while filing for DP, will my current employer get to know that another EP application is in progress ?

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

These questions are discussed and answered many times. Start spending time to go through older threads.

In short to answer your questions, your new employer can apply DPs at the same time or after your EP gets approval. Your current employer can see MoM site that there is an another EP on your name is currently under process.

Your current (old) employer can also apply for a DP now, but it will become invalid again when you change jobs, so what‘s the point?

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