S pass rejection . Need expert to help


If any experts come across this. Will need your help to advise.

My case as below
I am Indonesian, graduated in Singapore (bachelor degree in accountancy).
I have work experience in home country (2 years in accountancy, 1 year as sales executive in a freight forwarding company)

I applied a job vacancy in a freight forwarding company, the title as customer service executive (the job scope would be handling the documentation needed shipments) and was accepted.
My Employer and i have tried the SAT (self assessment tools) which stated that i am eligible for S pass in Singapore

Position : customer service executive
Salary : SGD 2400
Relevant experience : 1 year

After the waiting period, s pass was being rejected and my employer consulted with MOM.
The reason of rejection was on the candidate (me) and not the company's quota

Note :
I did not face any issue regarding failure to enter singapore or overstaying in Singapore
This is also my first time applying for pass.

Can anyone advise how can i appeal for this case ?
Or if there were any data need to be amended for the application

Thanks in advance

The offered salary is only slightly above the minimum needed for S-Pass (S$2300/month) and that's clearly in the range of technicians or similar. The minimum with university degree is S$3600/month and this figure increases with experience.

Thanks Beppi,

Well noted on your points.
Meaning that i will have higher chance if the salary part to be adjusted upward.

Are there anymore possible points ??

Thank you

Your employer should know the reason from MoM. To get work pass approval the employer has to justify MoM to hire a foreigner. Salary is one of the many yardsticks. You can refer a thread on work pass approval reasons for your better understanding. Your employer must have to address the reason of rejection before thinking of appealing. Good luck

Note: Check your Singapore graduate certificate and the institution is in the list of recognised universities or institutions in MoM website.

Hello suryak, thanks a lot for the idea mentioned

Has checked with my Employer and she had called to MoM.
The feedback gotten was that the candidate is not eligible for work pass. (full stop)

As for the institution, my certificate is included in the MoM recognised list. I can find the university name during the self assessment test and it showed that i am eligible for S pass

So we are kind of stuck as to which reason needed to address for appealing.
I forgot to mention that i have not signed the employer agreement letter before applying the pass
Is that agreement letter a compulsary ??

Senvcrr: That is MoM‘s  way of saying you will not get a work pass, regardless of what the employer does or submits.
In this case, you better look for a job in another country.
Good luck!

Thanks beppi !!

Did you get caught by the police or charged before in Singapore for any reason? That would severely affect your chances.


Thankfully no bad records so far :)
I read some posts stated as adverse record if there are any past records or charges

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