Life is a Movie...

Hello everybody,

although I am not new in Stuttgart and I am now part of this expat community in order maybe to get to know new people and increase the french community network in Stuttgart.

I am running a website for french movies in Germany, as many years ago I had the feeling I was missing informations about french movies in Germany. As a matter of fact I founded CineOnline.Net in my free time.

If some people are interested I will share infos: ***


Welcome to the forum, Jerome!
Perhaps we'll meet at one of the next gatherings in Stuttgart, which our member Gabriella is hosting on a monthly basis?
Please also note that this site also has a French language forum, where mentioning your site is more suitable.

Hello Jérôme,

Welcome to and thank you for introducing yourself to the community :)

While your initiative to popularize French movies in Germany sounds very interesting, it is worth mentioning that posts/topics which promote external websites are not allowed on the forum.

Thank you for your understanding,


Hey Diksha,

Ok thx, did not know about that! How should we then do, because these kind of events/ informations are actually very interesting for expats living abroad?

Do you have an idea to deal with that the best way?

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