Opening a sole proprietor business in DR

Does anyone know the procedure for opening a sole prop business yourself (not through a lawyer) as I see it is only approximately USD10 for the govt fee and no doubt the lawyer will be a lot more!

The cost varies. First you have to go to ONAPI and register the name it should cost about $100.00. Then you have to pay taxes to the Government but all in all you should not spend over $400 to register your company. But there are documents that will require a lawyer or a notary to prepare documents for you in spanish.

Thank you so much for that information.   I think I will rather just use a lawyer to handle it all to make life simpler :)

Depending on the firm you will pay between $600-$3000 USD depending on the firm.

If you have a cedula you can register and just get yourself a tax number if that is all you need.

Most use and SRL which requires two sharehders to open.  One can hold 1 share only.

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