Sending brazilian electronics back home

Hi fellow expats,

I am currently in Canada, wanting to send my laptop back home ( its from brazil ) will there be taxation on a Brazilian product being sent home or does anyone have more information on this, because i dont want to hit up the airport and come with two laptops lol.

Do you have the original or copy of the sales receipt? Step daughter shipped back a laptop from US and they held it until she came back a few weeks later. She did have to go to campinas (Correios) and open and showed when built. Lucky she registered the warranty (most of us do not) and it showed when purchased an registered in BR. Cost her an uber from Curitiba and back.
BR has a thing as to electronics..

well i mean its a lenovo laptop. can see all of that information on the lenovo website with the serial, its well past warranty coverage and it does look dated.  doesnt look new by any means. lol ill dig up some pictures in a few hours, just at work atm

I think that will work. Send copies of info with it. Now need CPF on shipping. Normally serial number on the bottom or side so they can check it.

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