Changing employer within belgium

I am planning to switch job within Belgium, i wanted to know if it is important to resign before my new employer can apply for my new work permit? Does my new employer need my resignation letter as well to apply for my WP? And most importantly how long can i stay unemployed between my jobs?


As it is recommended to any newcomer, READ the charter of the site.

You will find two tips:
- READ the guide of the country which you will find under the tab "to discover"
- READ old posts using the search function via the magnifying glass next to your avatar.

99% of newcomer questions have already been answered dozens of times.

I have already spent 1 hour searching for answer. But none of the topic answer my question exactly.

Answers are there in multiple threads in the forum. What you expect from other forum members is to do the research for you, collect the info, put them together, verify them with official websites and give them in the exact form you need ? -- if yes, that is something you can do too :)

I don't want people to do research for me. I need help, i asked a question and if any of the member knows the answer he/she can reply me. And same is applicable for me. Why can't just people reply if they know the answer. Anyways thanks aneesh and phipiemar for your time.


Resignation letter is not needed for any work permit processing. Neither by the ministry nor by your future employer. You can take a gap until your RP is expires , however if you take too long (more than  1 month) a gap then this might have impact in future if you plan to apply for citizenship etc.

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