How can I stop my eXpat application?

Hi and good time

I had a job offer from a company and they applied my visa from MDEC. After 2 months waiting They can not get it. I came MALAYSIA (By 2 month social visa) and Surprisingly find the company is closed.
I decided to join another company Because I also have job offer from them , but the problem is they told the first company should stop your application process then we apply for your visa in MDEC.
Would you please help me what should I do to stop the process ( I can not find them and they no answer the phone call).

I would be cautious since it is extremely suspicious that a company employing foreign workers would shut down so quickly. It is quite possible that that first company is just a scam, and hope you did not hand over any money to them. It may be that the first company never did apply for a visa in MDEC......

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