Made it, move from USA too BG

Been here about a month now, made the move from USA too BG, and am almost done with immigration and customs still waiting for car to arrive next week. So have upto date info for anyone making the move, here is a couple thing you may want to know. immigration: 1-get FBI report at very end it is only good for 6 months here, if older will have to get new one,  2: you need a Bank account in your name (yes they will open account for immigration) here in BG with min 7000 lev for proff of funds 3: get first ID card and next 4 for only one year but after the first much less paper work(what they said) immigration was the easiest were good people and not much problem  4: am married to a BG citizen so no fees but still have to pay 150 lev and 45 lev for prossesing your ID card .  Customs now that was the problem 1: have letter from former employer that you worked from to end date and what day was your last 2: bring pleaty of proff of living in USA ,Taxes returns, utility bills, bank statements more the better, pretty much as much proff that you have cut all ties from the US and have started life in BG. had to work with Plov office was a BIG pain, if you are thinking of bring something big like car  may want to bring cash and buy one here. The customs here will ask for things you may think they do not need so big as much as you can.  if you have anything else will try to check every couple days to answer quistions.

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