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Hi all!

I recently got an offer for a position in Kuwait city. The base base salary is $2000 around 607 KWD + commissions + incentives. The company mentioned if I got 5-6 commissions, the total salary I will receive is around $2900. Is this salary enough for someone who has 6-7 years experience with a related degree?

Working 6 days a week with 1 day off. The company will provide accomodations (electricity, water bills included), transportation, ticket to Kuwait from my country (economy flight), 30 days paid leave + a free return ticket every 2 years.

Any suggestion or comments will be totally appreciated.

Thank you!

Well, its all relative. It all depends on your personal situation and what you could be earning in your home country. If you're being offered less than what you could earn in your home country, then it's a no-brainer. Just stay right where you are!

However, if you're better off compared to what you could get at home, then its worth considering. Especially when most of your living expense i.e accommodation, utility bills, transportation, flight home etc will be covered.

That's the way I'd look at it. Salaries generally depends on a lot of individual personal factors that are not generic across board.

Hope that helps :0)

Thank you for your suggestion!

Staying where I am at the moment will definitely offer a  better $ However at this stage I would like to travel overseas, experiencing different culture and lifestyle. I would like to know if the offer I receive is good enough for the standard in Kuwait, whether there is something else I need to add or negotiate to the employer :)

As the other poster said, if you are getting more money where you are, stay there.

I understand the need to travel and see different cultures but then again, it has to be worth it to some extent.  The salary you are being offered with 6-7 years experience, a degree and coming from the western world, is frankly on the low side (and working 6 days a week to boot!!) - maybe if we know more about your industry / qualifications, that can change but this is my instinctive reaction based on what you have said.  And living in the GCC is expensive even if there is no tax.  Why?   imported goods and grocery items, higher rents for expat friendly places, government fees on services etc etc.

This can be counter balanced if the place that you are going to has good options in terms of lifestyle, entertainment and social integration. So while you make less money; at least you enjoy your time there.  Out of all of the countries in the GCC, I would rate Kuwait and then Saudi Arabia as being the lowest on this particular scale.   Kuwait more so than even Saudi.  It is a dry country, bad traffic, overt racism against expats (google news stories of what is discussed in even parliament from time to time), connectivity to the rest of the world not as good as the other GCC countries (airport / national airline) etc etc.   

It is not surprising as to why it comes out as one of the worst countries for expats in every annual survey that internations does. Actually, sorry, in 2019, it is THE worst, not one of the worst.  And Bahrain, is the only country in the GCC, that makes it to the top 10 of best countries for expats.  It was no 1 in 2017/2018 until dropping to number 7 due to the economic instability and cost of living increases. … 2019-39881

So my two cents would be to take the offer as-is IF you got this in UAE or Bahrain or Oman - assuming living abroad is what the priority is.   Elsewhere in the GCC, it is your call.

Hmm...i got you but It would be quite difficult to establish how good the offer is without a measurable reference standard to compare with. Salaries out here ranges quite a bit so it wont be easy to establish a reference. But you never know, maybe someone out there would be able to advise but I wouldn't take their response as gospel!

Thank you for your suggestion and great to know about all of these. I am working in the media industry, mainly retouching and photography for fashion, commercial, beauty, wedding, events. My degree is bachelor of arts in photography

Definitely! I will try to talk to the company again and see if we can negotiate better offer. Thank you so much!

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