Malta Visa Question, I'm British, Partner Aus.

Morning all.
I'm a Brit, partner Australian.
We have come out of Libya, now looking for work.
Currently based in Malta.

I'm assuming, EU, I can stay here, no problems.
The missus, being from Aus. How can we get her more than the 90 days out of 180 allowance. We may be here a few more months looking for work, or me doing temporary rotation until I can get a post where she can join me.

Thanks for looking, even more thanks if you can help.


Brit your fine, A friend of mine is Australian, Ill ask her what hoops she jumped through and get back with you .

Thanks, much appreciated.

If you are married, your partner can stay as long as you can as you are an EU citizen - she will be a dependent of yours

Even if not married, if you can prove a long term relationship, the same thing applies, but its not automatic as it is for married partner

Ok, well we can prove we have been together a while, half our friends are ex British Embassy in Trip.
Will pop down the Malta office and see what sense I can beat out of them.

good luck guys

From personal experience I can say that you will need to show/prove that you have been in a stable relationship for more than 2 years if you are not married.

The Maltese in Castille will try to nail you down to having lived together for at least 2 years, preferably in Malta. So you will need all proof that you can get that you have been living at the same address in Malta or elsewhere for more than 2 years.

I'm not sure if the British Embassy will be much help. In our case they were no help. We had to fall back on Maltese friends who happen to work for the Maltese government. Their cover letter re us was accepted as proof after a few discussions.

For you to stay here you will need to show them either enough 'money' or a job to fund your stay and also health insurance entitlement for both of you here in Malta.

Good luck.

Ricky, Superb, thanks for the advice, will get onto it Monday.