Montpellier Law Firm with US registration

I am in Texas awaiting a long term visa for France.  Once I receive the visa I will be moving and joining my wife (a French citizen) who is living and working in Montpellier.
While I am in Texas, I am applying for a loan on a house that I own here in Texas.  My wife is unable to fly back here to sign documents for the loan (she just started her new job).  I need her to sign a power of attorney enabling me to sign for her. It is a simple document.  The lending institution said that she can sign it in Montpellier but it must be done in a law firm that can practice in the US.
Does anyone know a law firm (notaire) that has a lawyer registered in the US?
Thank you in advance.


Take contact with your Embassy in France. They certainly have several address and contact for you.

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